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At GTT, we are known for gorgeous game tables (like the Origins). Our commitment to our customers isn’t a reflection of our own opinions. Rather, it can be verified through numerous reviews we’ve received over the years for both GTT and BBO Poker Tables (our sister company). We’re proud of the fact that there isn’t another company with anywhere close to the quantity and quality of our customer experience reviews. So what’s our secret sauce?
At the core, what makes us unique is our Omotenashi mindset when it comes to our craft. “Omotenashi” comes from the Japanese concept that service and hospitality has to be thought of in every detail in order to provide a magical experience for the customer, open, honest, and from the heart.
You will find our Omotenashi values and mindset from the moment you speak with our team members who help with materials selection and product configuration, to our warm and comprehensive post sales communication and production visibility process, through to our innovative freight shipping protection built on Blockchain technology, exclusively available for GTT customers. We crafted each step of your journey and experience with GTT in detail and constantly revised for improvement. We understand that your magical moment only happens if we do our job flawlessly, and that magic moment is the enjoyment and memories that you have with your family and friends when you sit down to play at a GTT table.
That’s it, our secret sauce! I welcome you to experience our Omotenashi and be part of our family!
George Chao
Founder, CEO
Game Theory Tables