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Classic Dining Chairs - Black
Sold in Packs of 2
Elegant game table chairs to match your high-end game table set. Compliment your customized Game Theory Table with our premium matching classic dining-style chairs.
39 Inch high back design
Seat width 14.5" tapering to 18"
Back width 14.5" tapering to 17"
From floor to top of the seat is 19.5"
Compatible With: Made to match our GTT Tables
Material: Oak Wood
Shipping Weight: 38 LBS per chair
Product Details
Enhance your high-end game table set with our exquisite game table chairs designed to perfectly complement your gaming experience. Elevate the aesthetic of your customized Game Theory Table by pairing it with our premium classic dining-style chairs. Immerse yourself in an atmosphere of luxury and sophistication as you indulge in your favorite games.
• SUPREME COMFORT AND VERSATILITY: Provide unrivaled comfort, whether they're placed around your game table or gracing a lavish dining room. Their versatile design ensures a seamless transition between gaming sessions and elegant dining experiences. Feel at ease and indulge in supreme comfort, regardless of the setting, as our chairs cater to your utmost relaxation and enjoyment.
• PERFECT FIT FOR ORIGINS TABLE: Made to match our Tables and
• PREMIUM MATERIALS AND DURABILITY: Feature solid oak construction with piano black gloss paint and premium leather vinyl.
• PREMIUM UPHOLSTERY COMFORT: Upholstered with a premium molding sponge (not low-end foam) with a leather backrest and seat pad making it comfortable for dining and gaming
*Please note that the actual color may differ slightly due to variations in lighting, and background.