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The Privacy Shelf sits in the Origins' integrated leg column and gives you not only a shelf but additional privacy, instantly increasing the utility and mystery of game nights! ...
Dimensions: 7.7x7.7x3.2
Material: Oak Wood
Shipping Weight: 2lbs
Product Details
Say goodbye to the chaos with our innovative solution for bits management. Introducing the Deluxe Tiered Tray, a stylish and practical accessory designed to keep your bits organized and within easy reach. This 5-tiered tray conveniently mounts into the leg column of the Origins Game Table, providing a space-saving solution for your gaming essentials.
• CONVENIENT STORAGE SOLUTION: Serves as a convenient storage solution, allowing you to keep game components, rulebooks, snacks, or beverages within easy reach. It optimizes your gaming setup by providing a dedicated space for essential items, ensuring a seamless and uninterrupted gaming experience.
• SEAMLESS GAMING SETUP:This goes on the corners matching your Origins table and doesn’t go in the way of your game.
• CARD PROTECTION AND STORAGE: Can hold and shield cards from other players
• SPACE FOR RULES/REFERENCES: Top shelf has a room to place rule/reference books
*Please note that the actual color may differ slightly due to variations in lighting, and background.